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The CareVoice accelerates its development following successful completion of an Angel round

1st Review-based Social Mobile Platform in Healthcare Provides external evaluation of medical services & treatments Mostly referring to Patients' Experiences

The CareVoice, the first review-based social mobile platform in healthcare, announced acceleration of its development following the successful completion of an Angel financing round. The CareVoice provides an independent evaluation platform for consumers to seek impartial and transparent information on medical providers and treatments, mostly referring to patients’ real experiences.

The CareVoice’s mission is to assist consumers in finding the medical care that could be suitable for their health needs as well their personal expectations, and to facilitate connections with providers of such medical services or treatments. It also creates value for healthcare providers and companies by helping them better consider and improve patient’s experience while managing their online influence and referrals.

After a first 18 months period, The CareVoice has built the foundation for accelerating its development. Around 15.000 consumers living in Shanghai have registered a verified profile and shared their ratings and reviews on visited hospitals, doctors or their treatments. Over 15 healthcare providers and companies have been benefiting from The CareVoice platform, tools and services. Both public and private institutions, such as Ruijin hospital for its orthopedic department or American-Sino hospital, have shown interest in engaging differently their patients and cooperating with our startup. Several collaborations with online pharmacy and insurance companies have also been or are being established, leading to the generation of our first revenues.

This new step allows to target becoming a reference in Shanghai within the next few months and start expanding in other regions. The funding will be equally allocated to upgrade our technology-based solution guiding consumers and supporting our B2B services, and to boost awareness and adoption of our mobile platform among targeted consumers while expanding our partnerships with healthcare players.

The participants to this round are China and EU-based business angels who are mostly successful entrepreneurs and also partners or executives, in industries such as e-commerce, automotive, social gaming, healthcare and banking. They recognize that consumers are taking more and more an active role in selecting the medical care they may need. In addition, they believe The CareVoice is well positioned to address consumers' lack of trust and need for guidance leveraging other patients' experiences and working closely with providers and insurance companies.

According to The CareVoice founder and CEO, Sebastien Gaudin, “The past months have been intense for our team, stretching the few available resources, making tremendous progress in terms of quality of our iOS app for consumers and building valuable B2B partnerships. We are very glad to have secured our funding and have now onboard professional investors who have successful track records. The roadmap for coming months is well defined and our team has already anticipated a few steps to ensure a quick acceleration of our development.”

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About Us

The CareVoice is an Internet start-up company founded in July 2013 that launched under the Chinese brand name ‘KangYu’ its first mobile application. Literally meaning ‘health voice’ in Mandarin, The CareVoice is the first review-based social platform to help patients to make better healthcare decisions, and empower healthcare providers and companies to improve patient experiences.

From a comprehensive listing of hospitals, doctors and treatments, patients can voice their true healthcare experiences by sharing ratings and reviews based on their medical visits, providing valuable insights that can be consolidated and shared with other patients undergoing a similar health journey. Created with the patient experience in mind, The CareVoice provides an open, trusted and reliable platform to make informed decisions based on individual healthcare needs for a healthier community.

The CareVoice provides value for doctors, hospitals and healthcare companies who want to understand the patient experience and continuously improve upon their services and treatments. In turn, they find value in ensuring they provide the best, positive experience to their most important stakeholder – the patient.

We believe that health is a journey we make together, and The CareVoice is dedicated to building a healthier future for all.

Media Contacts

Sebastien Gaudin 

Founder CEO The CareVoice

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