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The CareVoice joins Chinaccelerator, China’s first start-up accelerator program, and gets support from SOSV, the accelerated VC

The CareVoice, China’s leading user-based review platform connecting consumers with health and wellness services, has joined Batch 10 of Chinaccelerator, the Airst start-up accelerator program in Asia run by SOSV.

The CareVoice is the Airst independent social mobile platform to bring more transparency to healthcare in China and helps its community Ainding suitable health services, focusing on Shanghai upper tier and private care market.

As of today, The CareVoice has built a health conscious community of close to 50.000 registered members and established partnerships with over 60 healthcare players, including private medical providers, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The CareVoice looks forward to building on its proven model connecting consumers and healthcare partners.

“We are preparing to raise investment to expand our team, continue investing in our Machine Learning based technologies and replicate our model in other cities. Our team is really thrilled to beneAit from complementary perspectives and support to achieve our short and long term goals through the Chinaccelerator program”, said Sébastien Gaudin CEO & co-founder of The CareVoice.

William Bao Bean, Partner at SOSV and Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, highlighted that “Batch 10 is a group of more mature start-ups having tested business models and we are looking forward to helping them scale. We are very glad that The CareVoice is part of this group. The CareVoice addresses a highly promising private healthcare market and has a unique angle to help Chinese consumers getting better healthcare experience”.

About The CareVoice

The CareVoice is an Internet start-up company operating in Shanghai that launched in 2014 the Airst user-based review platform for trusted healthcare in China. We are dedicated to provide credible and relevant information for more transparent healthcare. Our community can refer to consolidated ratings and authentic reviews to make their own health decisions. Our health partners can better understand and improve patients’ experience while managing pro-actively their online reputation.

About Chinaccelerator

Chinaccelerator, the Airst start-up accelerator in China and Asia, is a mentorship-driven program helping internet start-ups from around the world cross borders - from the world into China and from China to the world. It is backed by the venture fund SOSV with $250M AUM operating nine accelerator programs around the world. Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training and resources from mentors, partners and investors. The robust and supportive alumni network continues into the start-ups’ post-Chinaccelerator lifespan.

About SOSV 

SOSV – The Accelerator VC – is a US-based US$250M venture fund operating eight global accelerator programs: MOX for mobile software (Taipei), IndieBio for biotech (San Francisco, Cork), HAX for hardware (Shenzhen, San Francisco), Chinaccelerator for Internet (Shanghai), Urban-X for smart cities and Food-X for restaurants (NYC). SOSV invests in over 150 companies per year and over its two-decade history has a net realized IRR of over 30%, putting it in the top 5% of private equity managers in the world.

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