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The CareVoice Closes Eight Figure USD Series A Funding Round Becomes leading health insurtech platform in Asia

· Press Release

August 22nd, Shanghai – The CareVoice, an international health insurtech company based in China, announced today that it has successfully raised an eight-figure USD Series A funding round. The round was led by a global investment group, LUN Partners Group, and a global investment manager specializing in financial services. DNA Capital, a global healthcare fund, as well as returning investors SOSV and Artesian Capital, also joined the round. Private health insurance is booming in China yet insurers face growing customer demand to provide better and more effective digital solutions to manage their health. The CareVoice’s core product is a data-driven mobile-based SaaS solution that digitizes the healthcare and insurance journey with the consumer in mind. The product has been adopted in Mainland China and Hong Kong by 15 local and international insurance companies. It has demonstrated a positive impact on insurance sales, customer retention and savings.

“This funding will accelerate our vision to become the leading health insurtech platform in Asia, making health insurance digital and more human! Thanks to our new breakthrough CareVoiceOSTM platform, we will continue growing fast the number of insurers using our services while penetrating new geographic markets, with the aim to change how millions of insurance members experience healthcare insurance.” Sebastien Gaudin, co-founder & CEO of The CareVoice said. “We are so glad to be backed by great investors who can significantly help us achieve our ambition.”

The CareVoice plans to scale the team by three folds and pursue three main goals:

1. Invest in R&D and continuously upgrade the CareVoiceOS end-to-end digital healthcare and insurance experience, balancing core platform development with integration of leading healthtech and insurtech services; 2. Expand its sales and customer success teams as well as international business development efforts; 3. Accelerate the launch of 10 new health insurance products, in partnership with insurers, focusing on health prevention and change of behavior.

“We foresee that insurance will be the next sector to experience the highest growth of digitalization and innovation as well as the arrival of new fintech unicorn companies.” Mr. Peilung Li, Founder and Chairman of LUN Partners Group, further explained, "CareVoice is driving digitalization and innovation for insurance companies, and we are very confident about its development in the Greater China market. To further aid the Company’s growth, LUN Partners will help CareVoice extend its proven digitalization solutions to overseas insurance marketplaces in Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions.”

Luiz Henrique Noronha, Partner at DNA Capital said: “The CareVoice business model really tackles the pain points of health insurance companies that we know particularly well, considering our various investments in this sector. We are thrilled to help The CareVoice tap into this massive growth opportunity in China and other geographies. We foresee The CareVoice will keep innovating thanks to its recently launched CareVoiceOSTM platform, which is critical in allowing insurers to bring consumer-centric and efficient health plans!”

Moreover, as part of this Series A round, StartupCare, the recent venture launched by The CareVoice, has been spun off. The first health benefits for entrepreneurs and their teams now have the financial means to accelerate further its uptake in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

About The CareVoice

The CareVoice is a health Insurtech company transforming healthcare experiences to be more consumer-centric. It provides a digital platform that unleashes value for insurance companies, allowing them to become true health partners of their insurance members, reach the cutting edge of innovation, get closer to their customers, and drive down costs. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, The CareVoice has won multiple awards such as Best Foreign Startup by TechNode / TechCrunch China, and Front Runner Up at The Digital Insurer’s Asian Startup Insurtech Award. The CareVoice successfully completed the Chinaccelerator program in 2017 and the Ping An Cloud Accelerator program in 2018.

About LUN Partners Group 

Established in Hong Kong, LUN Partners Group is a global investment group, with offices in Shanghai and Tokyo. The Group’s primary businesses are investment management and financial services. The Group currently manages multiple venture capital and private equity funds, and operates several financial services companies.

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