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The CareVoice to Launch 1st AI Voice-based Virtual Health Assistant for Insurers in Greater China

Award-winning Health Insurtech startup launches unique artificial intelligence based feature, powered by Sensely, as part of its mobile-based and data-driven solution for insurers.

AMSTERDAM, DIGITAL INSURANCE AGENDA CONFERENCE, 17 MAY 2018 - The CareVoice, a Shanghai-based health insurtech startup transforming healthcare into a more consumer-centric experience, announced today the launch of the first AI Voice-based Virtual Health Assistant for insurers and employers in Greater China.

This artificial intelligence-based symptom triage feature is integrated into the CareVoice platform, allowing insurance members to:

- Check their symptoms;

- Access self

- Care content;

- Be guided towards relevant medical specialties.

While it supports insurers willing to become true health partners to their insurance members, it also generates efficiencies by avoiding unnecessary consultations and directing members to more relevant and cost-effective medical providers.

The CareVoice has partnered with Sensely, a US-based company, to bring this unique feature to the market, leveraging Sensely’s proprietary technology and extensive collaboration experience with leading international medical institutions, including the UK’s National Health Service and Texas Medical Center.

“The CareVoice has a great mobile-based solution for insurers that is a perfect fit, allowing us to bring our Virtual Health Assistant to China’s fast growing private insurance market. In addition, we are glad to partner with a great team that possesses an international background and a deep understanding of the Chinese market,” said Adam Odessky, CEO and Co-founder of Sensely.

Sebastien Gaudin, CEO and Co-Founder of The CareVoice, added that

“while our joint product team is completing the localization, we are very glad that we have already partnered with two insurers, AXATianPing and Ping An Health, to launch this consumer-centric innovation to the Chinese market, which will drive a better healthcare experience for their members. We can rely on Sensely’s leading technology and solid evidence in terms of both member satisfaction and payer cost savings in order to fuel our value proposition to insurers and employers.”

Frank Desvignes, CEO AXA Lab Asia, commented, “we have been successfully cooperating with The CareVoice since late 2016, and are looking forward to bringing in China to our AXA-Tianping insurance members this Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Health Assistant into our unique mobile solution improving their healthcare and insurance experiences.”

About The CareVoice

The CareVoice is a health InsurTech company transforming healthcare experience to be more consumercentric. We bring unique mobile-based and data-driven solutions that digitalize healthcare and insurance journey with consumers’ interest first. We unleash value for insurance companies becoming true health partners of their insurance members by letting them reach the cutting edge of innovation, get closer to their customer as ever, and drive efficiencies and cost down. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, The CareVoice won multiple awards such as Best Foreign Startup by TechNode / TechCrunch China, or Front Runner at The Digital Insurer’s Asian Startup Insurtech Award. To learn more about The CareVoice, visit

About Sensely

Sensely helps direct patients and health plan members to the healthcare resource they need, when they need it. Offering an avatar and chatbot-based platform, Sensely intelligently and safely connects patients with clinical advice and services. With offices in London and San Francisco, Sensely’s global teams provide digital health solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide. For more information, please visit

Media contact

The CareVoice:

Sebastien Gaudin,

+86 186 1623 0335


Dov Tamler

+1 818 481 8371

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