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The CareVoice ramps up expansion and launches in Hong Kong to provide consumer-centric healthcare experience and mobile-based data-driven SaaS solution for insurers

HONG KONG 27 September 2018 – The CareVoice, a Shanghai-based health insurtech startup which is transforming healthcare into a more consumer-centric experience, today announced the launch of its mobile platform for consumers and insurers in Hong Kong.

The announcement marks the award-winning company’s first major expansion outside of Mainland China as it seeks to provide innovative digital healthcare experience to the public and insurance customers in Hong Kong.

“The launch of Hong Kong is a significant milestone for our start-up. Hong Kong represents our first step into a mature healthcare insurance marketplace. Our existing infrastructure and robust presence in Mainland China gives seamless experience and mobility for end-users with healthcare needs in both geographies, regardless of their insurance policy origin. Our Hong Kong platform incorporates proven innovative technology solutions such as AI voice-based virtual health assistant for checking symptoms, powered by Sensely with medical content originated from Mayo Clinic, that further integrates healthcare navigation to be efficient, transparent, and accessible”, said Sebastien Gaudin, Co-founder and CEO at The CareVoice.

The CareVoice will continue to focus on Hong Kong to further enhance the core platform experience and data while building on new partnerships to provide a comprehensive digital solution. The company’s latest partnership with Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Ltd., will position and enhance its joint offering to deliver the following values to insurers in Hong Kong: 1. Empower insurance partners with cutting edge innovation for their customers.

  • Integrated platform adaptable to different environments (mobile app, web app, WeChat account) and operational in multiple languages.
  • Fully digitalized customer journey within one mobile experience.
  • Access to a voice-based virtual health assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

2. Bring insurance partners closer to their customers.

  • Clearly and precisely explain medical coverage and benefits.
  • Engage with customers through personalized digital and health services.
  • Reward customers with vouchers when being physically active and selecting high quality cost-effective medical providers.

3. Drive efficiency and lower operational costs.

  • Reduce unnecessary medical consultations by utilizing the virtual health assistant’s symptom checker and triage.
  • Adopt a fully digitized hotline and e-claims reimbursement process available 24/7.
  • Receive actionable insights and analytics data from anonymized customer usage behavior and post-claim surveys.    

“We are confident that our partnership with The CareVoice will provide new advantages for our healthcare partners and continue to accelerate our healthcare innovations by providing our customers with a transparent, integrated and personalized healthcare experience.”, said Joseph Lee, CEO of Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Ltd.

BJ Park, VP for Asia Operations, further added “Hong Kong’s medical system is structured to provide acute care to patients. However, the changing lifestyle and medical needs resulting from economic and social progression and ageing population will demand the future system to address chronic care and case management. I see artificial intelligence and technology filling in gaps for shortage of doctors and other health professionals. Now, patients and healthy people can access to information and personalized guidance, 24/7, making such digital platform an indispensable tool, while being complementary to medical providers and doctors’ missions.”

About The CareVoice

The CareVoice is a health Insurtech company transforming healthcare experience to be more consumer-centric. We bring unique mobile-based and data-driven solutions that digitalize healthcare and insurance journey with consumers’ interest first. We unleash value for insurance companies becoming true health partners of their insurance members by letting them reach the cutting edge of innovation, get closer to their customer as ever, and drive efficiencies and cost down. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, The CareVoice won multiple awards such as Best Foreign Startup by TechNode / TechCrunch China, or Front Runner at The Digital Insurer’s Asian Startup Insurtech Award. The CareVoice is a selected company of recently launched Ping An FinTech Accelerator program. To learn more about The CareVoice, visit


BJ Park VP of Asia Operations at The CareVoice

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