• About us


    Driven by the purpose to make health insurance more human, we are a leading Asian health insurtech uniquely tackling 4 major health insurance pain points:


    1. Gap of customer engagement and health services

    2. Lack of differentiated insurance products, poorly customer-centric

    3. Dependency on traditional sales channel, being unequipped to tap into the future of customer relationship

    4. Limited digital capabilities and integration challenges with ecosystem partners


    Through CareVoiceOS, the first healthcare operating system for insurers, we are expanding a “One Click” Connected Health Insurance Ecosystem. According to insurers’ maturity and technology investment, CareVoiceOS can be their turnkey solutions of choice, or become the new standard infrastructure for insurers to build their own customer engagement solutions.


    As a result of our collaboration, insurers can enter the world of digital health insurance. They can effectively engage their customers with the latest health technologies and connected services, through an integrated customer journey experience that brings trust and health benefits. They can also design and launch tailored insurance products for specific populations, with relevant customer-centric wellbeing & medical services and exclusive channels.


    Insurers can further benefit from our “sibling company” and strategic partner, StartupCare, a leading digital health insurance solution provider for employers and individuals, to drive further commercialization of these new health insurance products.


    Together this supports insurers unlock sales growth and optimizes the efficiency of their health insurance business.


    With positive impacts in the Covid-19 context, our multi-billion-USD addressable market, our unique advantages, and an exciting technology platform roadmap that will allow us to keep our leading position in a blue ocean, we are excited by our future and growth potential.


    After graduating from Ping An Accelerator, we closed a large Series A in August 2019, and have accumulated nearly 15m USD funding. We are backed by top fintech, healthcare and software VCs as well as serial entrepreneurs, from China, Europe and the US.

  • Our Team



    Headquartered in Shanghai, we operate as a global organization with an office in Hong Kong and teams that cover the South East Asia and Europe regions. Our dynamic and diverse team live and operate by our VOICE values - Valiant, Optimistic, Inventive, Compassionate and Enthusiastic.

    Sebastien Gaudin

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jan Velich

    Chief Business Officer

    Neil Liang

    Chief Product Officer

    Joshua Chi

    Chief Technology Officer

    Francesca Bereanda

    Head of "Care" Products & VP of Marketing

    Luke Jones

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ying Wu

    StartupCare CEO

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