• About us

    The CareVoice is a Shanghai-based health insurtech company with a vision to make health insurance more human.
    Our solution, CareVoiceOS, is the first operating system created for insurers to fundamentally change how they serve their members while improving operational efficiencies. Insurers can leverage our digital healthcare journey to provide a unique member experience, from managing symptoms to booking appointments, from filing claims to health management.
    In addition, we are valuable partners to insurers in co-creating innovative insurance products. Our ability to identify untapped market segments and create products and digital experience tailored for specific customer segments allows us to help insurers drive greater differentiation and sales growth in the competitive market.
    Our result-driven solutions have already created substantial positive business impact for insurers in Mainland China and Hong Kong. We are also in the process of further international expansion.

  • Our Team

    Sebastien Gaudin

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jan Velich

    Chief Business Officer

    Neil Liang

    Chief Product Officer

    Joshua Chi

    Chief Technology Officer

    Francesca Bereanda

    Head of "Care" Products & VP of Marketing

    Luke Jones

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ying Wu

    StartupCare CEO

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