• Traditional high-end health insurance products do not speak to potential members and are not reaching target audience through effective channels


    We help you create innovative health insurance products tailored for specific untapped market segments, allowing you to reach, educate, and convert customers that you have never reached before

  • Collaboration Model

    We can help you launch a product in as few as 3 months


    Market Research

    Extensive and rigorous targeted market research and product prototype validation


    Product Design & Technology Implementation

    Benefits & pricing,

    Tailored digital journey, Efficient insurer integration



    Branding & messaging, SmartChannel partnership & activation, Digitized sales tools and processes


    Operations & Sales

    Digital customer service, Preferred medical network, Direct billing & online claim processing

  • Speed to market

    Dedicated teams, standardized processes, fast technology implementation

    Sales Acceleration

    Strong product market fit, effective distribution channels

    Cost Reduction

    Better policyholder behavior, lowered claim ratio, increased operational efficiency

    Customer Retention

    Digitized health insurance journey, first-class customer service delivered effortlessly

  • Co-created products

    The "Care" products we co-created with insurers have been well-received by the market


    An insurance product tailor-made for sports enthusiasts

    By joining our partner’s specialized medical insurance with The CareVoice’s value-added digital services, SportCare provides sport enthusiasts with comprehensive coverage and protection, daily health monitoring, and professional medical care, helping them to stay safe and achieve their maximum fitness potential.


    SportCare has launched in Mainland China and Hong Kong in April 2020 in partnership with our designated sales channels and brokerage partners.


    SportCare Case Study


    The first group health plan created for startups

    StartupCare is a group insurance solution created to address the health benefits needs of startups. It combines flexible, cost-efficient plans with exclusive insurance programs to protect startup teams and guide them to live a healthy lifestyle. This product was inspired by our own struggles of finding an affordable, high-quality group insurance plan as a young startup.


    StartupCare first launched in mainland China in 2018. In 2019, StartupCare set up shop in Hong Kong under a partnership with Generali HK. Now serving over 300 clients, the company has established a strong and solid presence in the group insurance market.


    StartupCare Case Study

    All "Care" products come with a digital consumer journey powered by CareVoiceOS

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