• Jan Velich

    Co-founder & CBO at The CareVoice

    “Launching a start-up is like starting a rock band. You need passion, creativity, determination and you need to love it! So if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be a true Mick Jagger”


    When he was still a middle schooler, Jan left Czech Republic for Canada to pursue his dream and become a professional ice hockey player. He showed great talent as a young player and was soon considered as a future prospect. He once represented the Czech national team and was ranked 75th worldwide among skaters in his age category skaters. However, an unfortunate shoulder injury put an early stop to his sporting career.

    Despite this early setback, his fighting spirit helped in switching career path and Jan became a successful international healthcare executive with over 10 years of healthcare and strategy consulting experience. He came to China in 2010 to work at Adelphi FocusRx, an Omnicom Group Agency, where he gained a deep understanding of the Chinese healthcare system. As a General Manager at Adelphi FocusRx, he led over 100 strategic healthcare projects for Chinese government bodies and multinational pharmaceutical & medical device companies. Before FocusRx, he was a trader at Goldman Sachs.

    He met Sebastien (CEO & Co-Founder) through work and the two soon became friends. After working as an advisor for The CareVoice, he joined the company as co-founder and CBO when the start-up shifted towards insurtech.


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