• Sebastien Gaudin

    Co-founder & CEO of The CareVoice

    “I have spent all of my career in the health care. Given a choice, I wouldn’t do anything else.”


    Upon graduating masters in pharmaceutical and commercial sciences in France, Sebastien worked in Sanofi, a world leading pharmaceutical company, for twelve years, where he held various positions in business development and marketing across multiple therapeutic areas and geographic markets.

    In 2011, he assumed a management position in Sanofi China focusing on diabetes portfolio and it was a great experience.

    “I met many knowledgeable and committed people (Chinese Ministry of health representatives, hospital leaders, etc.) and well, I got the sense of all that could be done in this dynamic country, where many healthcare-related needs remain unmet.” - Sebastien Gaudin.

    Later on, he got the idea of a digital health startup that could address the consumer’s mistrust for medical services in China, a recommendation platform similar to TripAdvisor but dedicated to healthcare. He then left Sanofi to launch The CareVoice in early 2014.


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